Foodie Saturdays: Popping the perfect homemade popcorn

I love popcorn. I can have it for breakfast, lunch or super. Very often, my excitement in going to a cinema to see a movie is heightened by the fact that I will get a huge bucket of popcorn of whatever flavor – I hardly discriminate- while I watch the movie. I eat microwaveable popcorn as well, but it is usually a last resort. As much as I love movies, I don’t get to go to the cinema as often as I’d like to and that cinema popcorn is pretty expensive.

In view of this and in keeping with my tradition of knowing how to make every meal I like, I decided to get my own corn and make my own popcorn whenever I felt like it. The results have been great so far and here I show you to make your own popcorn.


You will need:

  • A pot with a lid
  • Popping corn (Click here for perfect popping corn)
  • 1 teaspoon of cooking oil
  • 1 teaspoon of butter
  • sugar/salt (to taste)

Turn on the stove or hot plate, set to medium high and place the pot on. Add a teaspoon of oil and a handful (1/4 of a cup) of yellow popping corn and stir continuously with a long ladle. Add the teaspoon of butter when the corn starts turning brown. and continue stirring till the first corn fizzles and pops (if you like sugar, here’s the time to add some according to how much you’d like). At this point, cover the pot with the lid and wait. To prevent the unpopped corn from burning, crack the lid and slip the ladle in and give it a quick stir. After 45 seconds, most of the corn should be popped and your popcorn ready to eat. Pour into a bowl, add some nuts of your choice and enjoy.

Cooking time: 2 minutes max

Link to Orville Redenbacher popping corn here