Why I’m taking a social media break.

Social media can be such a drug. It is easy to get addicted and dependent on it for all forms of assurance and validation, sometimes without even realizing. How am doing after 12 days away from it?

One Year of Blogging

I can’t believe it has already been one year of blogging.
I started out quite scared and uncertain about the terrain. Along the journey, I have had the opportunity to learn so much and in this piece I reflect on the journey so far and some of the lessons learned. Come along.

The Room In The Inn

There was room in the Inn for Jesus but was it given to Him? Read for more.

My year in the books

One day in March 2017, while scrolling through LinkedIn, i chanced upon a post by Bill Gates. It was about 5 books that had made an impression on him in that year. Among the five books he presented was https://amzn.to/2SgGGhT ‘When Breath Becomes Air’, an autobiography of Paul Kalanathi. His short review of the book…

Battleships: Lost and Found

Like a merchant ship, she had set sail Afloat the glorious expanse Shiny, new and sleek, albeit a little nervous Her dainty hands at the helm, Captain of her own ship, Master of her promised destiny. Soon, lights had flickered, Some shone brighter than others, ‘Lighthouse or other sailor’, she had often wondered Her inexperienced…

God is good?

So, you meet your friend and start to talk. You listen intently as she recounts how helpful your previous chat had been to her and had helped her see her situation from a completely different angle. ‘Tell me again what I said to you’, You interject before she’s done, ‘because I really need to hear…


I stood quietly among the big crowd at the one week memorial service, this time the ‘observer’, the ‘visitor’, perhaps even the distantly affected. I watched, I listened, and I felt. Here was a man, young, devoted, loving and real. Here was a man, no more. Yesterday, his dear friends made jokes with him and…


You’re probably wondering what Ikea has to do with the Bible. You‘d be surprised to know. It‘s not exactly what you think. I was quite delighted to make this ‚discovery‘ and I know you will too. Enjoy.