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I once heard an eighteen year old preach. At the time he was preaching, I had no idea how old he was exactly but was quite sure he was older. It was not so much how he looked as the words of wisdom that came out of his mouth and the confidence and joy with which he spoke them.

At that point, the only thought in my head was, how much better!! How much better this life is when we are connected to the True Source, God! His wisdom is enough to guide us through the uncharted paths before us and guide our every step. I thought how much better my journey into adulthood would have been if my zeal had been as sustained as his was.

I took too many turns I shouldn’t have. I am glad God found me and redeemed me. You don’t have go through the missteps first, but if you have, trust that there is redemption for you too. This is your first step on this journey with me through redemption and the discovery of identity and purpose in Christ. The broken, happy, confusing and then finally the beautiful surrender of letting go and letting Him lead.

Like the woman at the well, one day thirsty and in need of a drink, I went to draw some water and ended up instead finding the treasure of the source that never runs out. I took a decision to not keep this treasure to myself alone.
Here I hope you find something that resonates with you or someone you know. Something you can draw on in a period of need, inspiration for your Christian walk, some question to answer or give thought to or just fun ideas for your next quest.

‘The one’ is the reason why Jesus came. He likens us to sheep who have lost their way and describes the shepherd who leaves the ninety-nine righteous ‘sheep’ in safety and chases after ‘the one’ lost ‘sheep’ till it is found and He returns happily home, throwing a party to celebrate the one that has been found. It simply says Jesus wants you, your shame, failures, brokenness, guilt and insuffieciency. Your story isn’t over, there is beauty in God’s redemption plan for you.

For the young lady struggling to understand who she is, for the confused, the lost, for the one with questions, the burdened… Jesus is CALLING, He’s relentless pursuing you. If you’d only turn and embrace Him, you’ll find life, so fulfilling, you’d never want to live without it another day.

Also as a lover of good food, books and travelling, there are also tales of travel, book recommendations and great meal ideas woven in under the respective sections. And as a Masters student, a few tips for living and finding your feet in a foreign country as a student.

Again I am glad you made it here and would so love to hear back from you. Kindly leave a comment or suggestion or questions in the comments bar of the post and sign up for regular updates. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and questions.

Loads of love.


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  1. Esther 😉 says:

    Love your words! Excited to see / read Gods love for you and his mighty works revealed in your journey – and all so wonderfully wrapped in your words! ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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