Battleships: Lost and Found

Like a merchant ship, she had set sail
Afloat the glorious expanse
Shiny, new and sleek, albeit a little nervous
Her dainty hands at the helm,
Captain of her own ship,
Master of her promised destiny.

Soon, lights had flickered,
Some shone brighter than others,
‘Lighthouse or other sailor’, she had often wondered
Her inexperienced eyes uncertain about her map
‘That light maybe, it’s bright enough’ she thought
‘Or maybe that one’
And with these had followed light after bright light.

Soon came marauders, soon came the pirates
‘I’m too small, too crooked, I don’t belong on these waters’
She thought as ship after ship came over the horizon
‘Maybe this one will help, or maybe that’
But one after the other they had taken her treasure
Plundered her goods and left her,
Dull, scarred and empty.

Barely afloat, empty and without hope of reaching her destination
The great wind had come rushing in,
‘This must be it, I will surely sink now’, she had said
But instead, in this wind, a still voice had said,
‘Let Me.’

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Now at the shiny helm stands a sure captain.
He had done this many times and would do it for her too.
‘Let Me’, that had been Him.
He found the ship’s compass,
Earlier broken and pointing in all the wrong directions.
Now fixed and with Him exactly where He was always meant to be.

And now, finally a battleship, she sailed
True north pointing, skilled captain on deck, map in hand
To destinations she had only heard of but had always longed for
And which this captain knows all too well.

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