Of Christmas and Firsts

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  1. Waow!..Such a wonderful piece! Couldn’t hold back my tears my dear Adjoa. I can identify with you…especially because I too lost my mum, who coincidentally was a nurse like yours… but ‘unfortunately’ for me, I didn’t have the chance to spend so much time with her…She was gone before I hit my teens…At first, that thought used to make me angry…no! mad sometimes ‘cos I felt I haven’t been treated fairly at all. Indeed, a few times quite recently, I have had those “bitter” feelings but through it all…I have learnt to trust in Jesus. Mine have been a struggle most times but HE has been faithful. I miss my mum, I miss Aunty Kate too. She was such a lovely person who made it a point to show care and love to all. I remember her comments when she presented us (Ayitey and I) with our wedding gifts from the Women Fellowship encouraging me that those gifts were to help make my home a lovely one by being the woman in charge…Oh! I do remember those so well …It is well my dear. Good job on this blog! continue to bear the torch and never let the flame go out. “Go labour on…spend and be spent…thy joy to do the Father’s will….take care


    1. Wow!! Nana Afua. I am so touched by your kind words. Thank you so much for the beautiful words about my mum. She was indeed wonderful.
      I am so sorry you didn’t get to spend so much time with your mum. Trust me, even in my sixties, there is no point at which I would have willingly given up my mum or any of my parents for that matter. I was tempted to get angry too but I realized I had not LOST her. She‘d be lost if she didn’t know our God. Realizing this calmed me and assured me she was safe and all was indeed well. The same Father who gave her to me and called her to himself, takes care of us even now. As the psalmist says, I would have lost hope, had I not believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
      Our mums are home and well. Let’s continue to live a life that honors God and points the way to Him as they did.
      Thank you dear.


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