Be Found: ‘Colour’ed for Life

My eyes start to tear as I think about Colour Conference. I can’t wait to come together under the same roof to praise Jesus and to be empowered along with thousands of other ladies who love Jesus and are discovering who they are in Him day by day.


My tears, however are not because of my elation and expectancy but of a sharp sadness brought on by the thought of the number of girls/ladies/women I would like to take along to the event for the first time to experience the impact of this truly God-breath event.

I had only been attending my Church for a few months when I heard of Colour. Everything about it looked good but I quickly dismissed it before even giving it more thought. I looked at my student status and wondered how I would afford a ticket to the event. I remember quite clearly answering with a straight-forward, almost rehearsed ‘NO!’ when one of the leaders in Church had asked if I would be attending. Over the days that followed that conversation, I followed the @colourconference account on Instagram and started to see posts from the account on my feed. To say that I was moved was an understatement. I looked for more ads like the ones I had seen and quite frankly anything as simple as a comment from someone who had been before. I started hoping that I might be able to attend. I mean it wasn’t in my budget but if I happened to be in London around the time it was happening, why not? You would think I spoke this into being considering what followed. It just happened that one of my #TropEd modules would be held in London and believe it or not, the period for Colour Conference was nestled right in the middle of the time I would be spending in London for the course. I couldn’t believe it. But then, while this had been sorted out, there still remained the mammoth of a ticket to the event. Early bird and student tickets had all sold out and I had to make a quick decision before regular tickets sold out also. I dilly- dallied for quite a while, I still could not bring myself to part with that amount. As the days drew near however, I couldn’t shake of this sense that I had to be there. I finally gave in and decided to buy the ticket but was hit with news I was in no way expecting: all tickets were sold out (shock face!!!) HUH!!! What do you mean sold out?!’ ‘You mean after God placed me in London at the same time Colour is happening, I don’t get to attend because it is sold out?!’ ‘WHAT!!’. I wasn’t having it though, so I prayed, ‘God, I know it is not by chance that you have placed me in this country, at the same time that this thing is happening here, please open up a spot for me to attend this conference, Amen’, I prayed. Shortly afterwards, I received an email saying a spot had just become available and went on to purchase my ticket, still crying at the amount, trust me I’m not your regular stingy person but this seemed like quite a sacrifice, one I quickly made so I didn’t lose this spot as well. I was fully registered and would finally get to see what this was all about.

The Gardner


Over the three days of the event that followed, I felt like I’d been transported to a different planet. Here were thousands of women from different parts of Europe, coming together in one place and not an ounce of drama. Daily I saw love, strength, wisdom and just pure happiness. I made some lasting friends here as well, sisters I am elated to walk this journey of life with and who no one but God himself could have brought my way. I got exposed to hope and faith in a way I had not seen for quite a while and through the insightful speakers, got a view of the word of God I had not even thought existed for all my life. A challenge by one of my friends to place an expectation before God, took me on a journey of faith, where I saw every single one of those requests I wrote out and prayed about answered in the months that followed.

Of course, there was breath-taking worship and praise and lots of activities to engage in but I would say, even these are pretty much the beautiful icing on the even tastier cake of the whole experience. It is life-changing, vision- inspiring and spirit- spurring and if I could expose every woman in my world to this, I would do this in the blink of an eye. Not only are you inspired and encouraged by the thousands of women on the journey with you but you are reminded of your status as the warrior-princess-daughter of The Heavenly King and your very worth in Him and more than anything the fact that this knowledge does not end with you. You come out empowered and definitely much better than you went in. Suddenly, every penny of the money I’d paid made absolute sense and in reality could not even compare to the experience I had had.

World Changers

I look forward to the day I can make it possible for many to experience this joy of knowing who they are, of the power we have been entrusted with and the massive field of yet unreached who are dying each day to know of the undying love of a savior who is head-over-heels in love with them.

Colour is for the everyday girl, the warrior- princess, the vision- carrier and armour- bearer, trust me, the reality of these words and descriptions and the way you view them will dawn on you the more when you find yourself at one of these God- breathed gatherings. If you are in Sydney, Australia; Capetown, South Africa; London; The United States of America or Kiev, don’t miss the opportunity to attend. Get a ticket from, grab your mum, sisters and girlfriends and come Experience The Room.